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What Kind of Equipment Is In a Work at Home Office

Work-from-home positions require specific minimal equipment.  In most cases you will be dedicating your own equipment to be used during your working shift time.  Your hiring company will give you a list of equipment required to perform your job duties.  This list will cover everything from the Operating System installed on your machine to the speed of your Network and more.


Let's talk about the home office set up.. Statistical facts show work at home jobs are becoming more and more the norm for customer-facing positions.  Sitting for long periods of time has been proven to have negative affects on one's health.

Working from home has its fair share of good and bad aspects just like any job.  While the trade-off of working at home has a very nice appeal to many people, it can take its toll on your body.  This is the kind of work that will eventually have a negative health impacts on your weight and potentially mental health.  Working from home can absolutely lead one to adopt a more sedentary lifestyle.

In order to alleviate these issues that accumulate overtime, investing in both a stand up desk and stand up desk mat will be a serious consideration for many work at home employees.  Let's face it, with today's easily accessible technology, many of us have to put in extra effort not fall victim to all the ailments associated with a sedentary lifestyle.  The stand up desk addition to your office does more than allow you to be less sedentary. It also has positive effects on your joints and posture.


No stand-up desk setup is complete without a standing desk foot mat.  I chose a wooden wobble board for my "desk mat."  However, it's not realistic to think you could stand on a wobble board for an entire shift.  I found a solution of substituting bean-bag pillows; allowing the wobble board to rest on them when not using the wobble board for exercise.  I liked this solution because it allows me to stand for hours.

Choosing a Stand-up Desk Foot Mat

While my choice of a desk mat was not the typical chosen kind, I find this works well for me.  Keeping it on a more simple side, the most common types of desk mat are made of some kind of rubber material with varying degrees of thickness and softness.  Considerations for your chosen mat need to include the amount of time you believe you'll be using it during one work day shift, what kind of footwear you will wear while standing on the mat, your weight, the thickness of the mat, and the amount of space it will take up as this can create a myriad of issues not necessarily related to your workflow.


Work at Home Office Headset

Whether you work from home or in a call center, you will need a headset as part of your basic equipment set-up when working in a customer-facing position.  You will be using a combination microphone and headphone set.  Usually you are expected to have your own pair.  On occasion, some hiring companies will include these as part of a company issued pair; on loan of course.

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