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Telecommute Positions Can Be Difficult to Verify

Yes, there are legitimate, work-at-home jobs.  They aren't hard to find.  However they require specific skills, experience and education.  You can effectively consider them as telecommute jobs with the bonus of never needing to be on-site.  These jobs also require specific equipment and will be explained in greater detail prior to being hired or interviewed.


How to Decide If You Should Work From Home

Work-at-home jobs are on the rise, statistically speaking.  Companies offering work at home positions hire globally.  It's becoming more cost-effective for many companies to "farm out" their customer-facing positions via companies contracted to fill customer-facing positions.  Additionally, there are other types of work at home positions; such as remote technical support and product sales positions.  You can also find hourly as well as project-based "piece-work" work at home positions. 

As always, your education, work experience, as well as the general understanding of computer literacy and ability to use an intranet to locate work resources or the World Wide Web are all considerations before deciding to delve into the world of working at home.  Both hourly and project-based positions hold you to a "metric" used to grade your productivity, reveal growth opportunity, and guide you toward meeting specified goals related to your job tasks.  Metrics are used to base retainment of workers.

What Should You Expect When You Work From Home

a.  You can find both full-time regular positions as well as part-time seasonal positions depending on the needs of a business.


b.  Some work at home positions entail working with customers over the phone, where others entail you working in a text chat based environment with little to no voice communication with customers.


c.  No matter which company hires you, you will be considered a direct employee of the hiring company and held to the same standards and company policies governing regular, on-site employees.  You are also held to the standards of the company contracting with your hiring company.  This includes attendance and all other HR policies.


d.  The hiring company is the entity managing payroll and all other related HR processes.  Be assured, all hiring companies offering hourly work at home jobs are subject to federal employment laws just as any on-site employer.


e.  No matter which work at home company hires you, you will receive paid training and breaks.  Lunch times are scheduled, not paid, and can last between 30 mins to one full hour.


f.  You will use a time tracking application to record billable worked hours.  Payroll payout methods typically offered are direct deposit as well a reloadable payment card.


g.  You should feel more than comfortable working alone with limited supervision for the entirety of your shift.  This is the environment where you will use some variation of a messaging system to communicate with supervisors as well as immediate co-workers and other departmental employees.


h.  You should feel comfortable using a computer and be able to perform low-level troubleshoooting techniques as needed.  Note; all work at home hiring companies offering customer-facing positions have remote IT Support but you will be expected to follow low-level troubleshooting processes before you can reach out to IT once gaining Supervisory permission.


i.  All work at home hiring companies have technological requirements you have to meet to be considered for a project.  Those requirements will be explained during the application process.  This can make or break your ability to be hired as the requirements tend to include a range of specific computer OS versions, your internet speed, and at the moment almost all customer-facing positions require you to have a (POTS) landline with no call-forwarding features.  Some hiring companies will supply the computer and equipment to be used on a "loan"; to be returned at the end of a project or surrendered upon termination or voluntarily leaving the company.

j.  Your home office also has to meet specific requirements.  Usually this relates to informational security because you will be handling customer as well as company information.  Home office requirements also requires controlling environmental noise and placement of your desk in relation to your monitor's viewable position.  You are expected to be located behind a closed and locked door; upholding the privacy of Corporate and customer data.  This means a no-tolerance policy of physical interruptions of pets and family members within viewing distance of your monitor screen during your working hours.  If you care for pets and other family members in your home, you will be required to enlist the help of someone else to take on those duties during your shift, ensuring you are in compliance of the typical no-tolerance policy related to work time interruptions as well as upholding the typical information privacy policy.


Environmental noises around your home office will need to be considered; especially if you are hired to work with customers over the phone.  Understandably, some noise is not controllable.  However, your hiring company takes into consideration this aspect of your home office and is accommodating up to a certain point.  Their policy kicks in when it's related to in-person visits of people and pets as customers should never hear anything in the background when working with customers over the phone; including excessively loud noises.  In some cases, uncontrollable external loud noises can lead to loss of work time until the cause of the noise is concluded.  Unfortunately, in extreme cases; if the cause of the excessive loud noises continues past a certain time period, you could find yourself looking for a new job.

What Are The Employer Expectations When You Work at Home

Make no mistake, you will be treated like a responsible adult with the expectation you act as a professional while "on the clock."  These are not jobs that allow you to do as you please when you please.  If you are hired into a customer-facing position, you will not have the luxury to engage in personal hobbies during working hours.  Very rarely will you be hired into a customer-facing position requiring you to interact with customers via webcam.  Webcam interactions are reserved for internal communications between you and trainers or supervisors.  You will follow a company dictated dress code.  These companies tend to offer benefits as long as you qualify for them.

Project-Based Work at Home Workers are Contracted

Project-based work at home jobs are the only ones that will allow the flexibility of not having to deal with a no-tolerance policy related to noise or in-person interruptions.  These jobs tend not to deal with handling customer information or company information in a way that dictates the need for a no-tolerance policy associated with information privacy policy adherence.


Project-based work positions are contract positions.  This means you track hours and submit completed tasks as a form of invoicing for billable hours.  You manage your yearly taxes and have no company-supported benefits.  Your payment method varies depending on the payment methods the paying company uses to disburse funds.  These payment methods could include gift cards as well as payment service deposit accounts; like paypal.  Some company payout methods include reward credits and even bitcoin or cryptocurency.  The hiring company will specify their payout method during the application process or a virtual interview.

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