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If you use modern tools to conduct your job search, or even live your life, you will encounter individuals determined to steal something from you.  Whether it's your personal information, your banking information, or your health record information; the invent of the Internet makes us more vulnerable to scammers than ever before. 


User demographics of technologies users who are initiating contact to other individuals are the most at risk of all the user demographics.  Users in the position of having to provide information up front just to initiate communication are more likely to encounter scammers.  Some of these demographics include: users looking to sign up for healthcare programs, users who are seeking employment; and so on.


While the intent of this site is to help job seekers avoid scams as they job hunt, we have to recognize how scams can overlap any demographic using online technology as well as the older landlines many of us still use..  THAT overlap is why this site and this page exists; allowing us to explain the scams we encounter and help you avoid them yourselves.

Feat. Article - How To Make Money Online


Make money online opportunities often require an upfront investment cost or fee.  These are often referred to as memberships or processing fees.   These costs can be associated with communities, subscription services and access to additional business related information promising to make you successful in a short amount of time.   In addition to hidden fees and contracts promising the opportunity to make money online, determining the legitimacy of a program can be quite difficult.  The only differences between these programs are ..... Read more here.

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