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What is The Gist of The Make Money Online Scam

Making money online.  Sounds awesome! Right?  But what does that mean and how do you pull it off?  No doubt you’re asking yourself these questions.  Most importantly, you’re asking  “How do I do that and how do I find out how to do that?”  If you’re here, reading this, then you’ve started your journey of finding out how to make money online.  This is the part of the journey where you now ask “How much of what I’ve seen, so far, is legitimate and how much of it is just a straight up scam, or shady; designed to part me, my time, and hard earned money, with no return on effort or investment?"


Make money online opportunities often require an upfront investment cost or fee.  These are often referred to as memberships or processing fees.   These costs can be associated with communities, subscription services and access to additional business related information promising to make you successful in a short amount of time.  In addition to hidden fees and contracts promising the opportunity to make money online, determining the legitimacy of a program can be quite difficult.

The only differences between these programs are the ways they are presented.  The diligent investor no doubt searches online for feedback and reviews before signing up for an online money making program.  Of course all the make money online programs boast of epic returns based on a variety of circumstances and investment amounts.

Yet, despite all the inconsistent information and unbelievable earning amounts, one will still justify the gamble of making profit online and sign up for fraudulent make money online programs.  Sadly, the many positive reviews related to make money online programs were supplied by the hosts of the opportunities.  Most people involving themselves in this method of making money online see very little, if any, kind of monetary return on time or investment.   So, they just assume they somehow fell short of implementing some key part of the program and simply walk away; never realizing they are scam or fraud victims.  Their experience goes unreported, allowing the same perpetrators to continue committing fraud.

How Do You Really Make Money Online

The legitimate way of making money online falls into two distinct schools of thought.  The first school of thought tells you to work as a freelancer, implementing the education, skills, and experience you already have and use frequently.   Working as a freelancer means you are self-employed, with all the perks and downfalls of owning and operating a business.  As a freelancer you dictate the kind of work you accept, service rates, contract negotiations, as well as reporting and filing of taxes related to running a business.

The second school of thought falls under working remotely for various companies, providing remote working opportunities.  This method of making money online is fairly self-explanatory.  You are paid by a company to provide your time, energy, and skills used to carry out assigned duties.  You are subject to attendance policies, company missions and visions.  Make no mistake, this method of making money, in no way, means you are a freelancer.  You don’t participate in contract negotiations nor do you dictate a pay rate etc.  The only power you have in this kind of work is over yourself in terms of whether or not you decided to accept a contract offer made to you by a company providing a work at home opportunity.

Now, that you know the methodologies behind making money online, how do you search and find legitimate ways to make money online?  Your key words make the difference between finding legitimate results or misleading, fraudulent results.  Your keywords should contain “work from home”, “work at home”, and “work remotely.”  For immediate results, why not start your search here by clicking our Work at Home Jobs Index link.

Check out Work at Home Scams to learn how to better recognize many work-at-home scams and varients recycled on many scams.  Best advice and practice if you have been scammed report the scam to proper authorities.  Check out Scammed for guidance on reporting scams and tips you can use to protect your identity; scammed or not.

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