We Want to Help Identify Legitimate Opportunities

Current job-seeking related scams and trends are capable of contributing to unrecoverable financial and personal identification complications.  Helping job seekers avoid these related scams has become the passion behind creating this site and information within.


Employment seekers represent a unique niche to scammers more than willing to take advantage of a job seeker's emotional state.  It is unfortunate but true. Therefore we have to be educated in not just avoiding the obvious traps but the very subtle ones as well.  Usually the later kind of trap isn't as easy to recognize. That's where this site comes in to save the day.

So, why is this site so unique?  We like to think it's because we are sharing experiences to help others avoid the traps we have seen or, in some cases, experienced a near miss.  The content found within is absolutely derived from the personal experience and observation of this site's owner.  Additionally, we are not shoving a "mask" over information at you; forcing you to repeatedly deal with nuisance requests just so you can read what's posted.  Nor are we trying to sell you a get-rich-quick scheme hidden as some work-at-home job. in a redirect link. 


All work from home references and links have been "cleaned" to mean you will only be directed directly to employer career portals as well as additional legitimate informational resources.  Work at home job links are checked and cleaned often.  Any additionally recommended resources, designed to further protect you from scammers or contribute positively to your life and your job hunt, are checked and verified before inclusion as recommended resources.


The artwork you see peppering the pages of this site belongs to me, the owner of this site.  They are not available for re-distribution without expressly negotiating permissions.  Relax and enjoy the artwork as you visit my site.


--- Time is the most precious thing in the Universe.







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