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Employment seekers represent a unique niche to scammers more than willing to take advantage of a job seeker's emotional state.  Scammers are able to cause a great deal of potential financial harm in attempts to steal our personal identifiable information.

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We are passionate about our desire to help fellow job-seekers save time and energy as well as protect personal identifiable information.  Read more Here...


As a matter of fact, one who relies on technology to function in every day life or for a job, should find the content of this site helpful as well as insightful.  In some cases, content here will even be humorous but serious at the same time.

How to Avoid Job-Hunting Related Scams and More

We have to educate ourselves to avoid the job-hunting related traps.  That's where this site becomes helpful.  You'll be able to read about scams related to job seeking then be able to better recognize scams when you see them.  Read More Here...

Any one of the recommended traditional job-hunting methods; whether used alone, or combined, requires a new way of thinking.  We need to understand the current trend of how these tools are being manipulated so we can reclaim them and leverage them to our advantage. Read More Here....

Scammers are more creative than ever and nothing is off limits to them.  Scams come in many forms and down many different communication channels.  While scam phone calls are still the most prevailent, email scams are becoming more and more the norm.  It is far too easy to spoof email headers as well as big business-like email.  If you find you have been scammed online, or even offline, click the link to learn how you can report it and begin recovering from impacts resultant of being scammed Read More Here....

Giving Back to The Online Community is Important

All is not lost.  Thanks to scammers, there's a cultural trend rising known as scam baiting and scam trolling.  While it's hard to enforce any kind of laws aimed at making scammers accountable for ruining the lives of their victims, scam baiters are taking it upon themselves to help uncover how common scams work and share that process with others in hopes of educating the online community.  We have created a page to host scam trolling recorded audio files of some common scams you can listen to by checking out Scam Baiting VigilanteYou will find a mix of humorous and serious audio files.  Some will absolutely not be safe for work or young children.

Please Share Our Tips on How to Avoid Scammers

If you find anything on this site useful, either for yourself or freinds and family members, share this site with them.  The more informed we all are about how scams work and who thier intended victims are, the less successful the scams and faster the scammers can be shut down.

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